About Us

We are fascinated by miniatures. But equal is our fascination with technology.

The dream was for anyone to be able to experience any place on planet earth on a mini scale on a tabletop and to then bring the model to life digitally. Thus was formed
Miniofy. We had a dream and then we made it a reality.

is where exquisite handcrafting meets state of the art technology. It is a pathbreaking way to tell your story, a surprising new way to recollect fond memories and a unique and jaw-dropping gift of awesomeness and thoughtfulness to your loved ones.

But this is only the beginning.


Stay tuned.

Neha Gupta

Artist & Founder

Neha lives in Hong Kong. Avid traveler (30+ countries and counting). She has an MBA from ESSEC Business School, France.


She worked with the world's largest and most valuable IT and e-commerce companies and also in startups. Finally found her calling as an artist and in miniature modeling and founded Miniofy

Shounak Mondal


Lives in Hong Kong. Avid traveler (30+ countries and counting). 15 years of experience in building, marketing and consulting on digital products and applications. His interests are around digital storytelling and data science.

MBA from ESSEC Business School, France. Spends weekends brainstorming, ideating and supporting cool new ideas like Miniofy and Nodestory.

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