Frequently asked questions

Who makes these ?

We do. These models are not made in any factory. They are handmade by Neha and the team from Miniofy

Can you make a model of any place on earth ?

Most likely yes. We can recreate replicas for 99% of the places on planet earth. Give it a try, think of your most memorable landscape or building or city block and get in touch with us.

How do I request my custom miniature ?

Just fill up the "Get your miniature" form to let us know what you have in mind. A google map link to the place helps a lot. Or directly message us on chat or on whatsapp number +1(604)841-2225 or email us at Then we can discuss with you over email and/or whatsapp and send you a quote with a payment link. You place an order, we build it and then ship it to you no matter where you are.

What are the miniatures made up of ?

Mainly modelling plaster, cement, resin and modelling foliage

How soon can my miniature be made and shipped to me ?

It depends on the complexity of your model. On an average it takes 1-2 weeks to build and 1-2 weeks to ship. You can choose expedited shipping at an additional cost for a faster delivery within 1 week.