A beautiful house near Perth in Australia surrounded by trees all around. 


The model includes a shed and a water tank. A car is parked next to the shed and another car makes its way through the unpaved road towards the house. 


The house itself has a sofa in the living room and stairs going up to the bedroom.

The family is having a get together in the open shed in front of the house. The mom, grandmom, and the dad stand inside the shed while their son and grandpa are out on the grassy area outside the house. 


They also have two cats, once of them is lying down lazily next to the mom while the other is alert and on the other side.


Model Dimensions : 30cms X 20 cms
The model sits on a wooden base and is housed in an acrylic glass cover

A Beautiful House near Perth, Australia - Miniature Model Diorama

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