This miniature depicts a scene from the family of a lighthouse keeper and their lovely home near the sea.

The father is the keeper of the lighthouse and has just arrived and has parked his car. He has brought more Christmas decorations. The mother watches the son play with the beautiful snowman that he has built with the help of his father. Their dog looks at the boy all excited while the cat is also having some fun in the snow nearby. They have been decorating a huge Christmas tree and the lighthouse for the last few days and it looks colorful. 

However, what started as a sunny day starts to get cloudy as the day progresses and the sea appears to be getting rough. 
Whether its Christmas or not, someone has to keep the lighthouse to guide the ships that traverse the high seas.

Model Dimensions: 15 cms X 15 cms
The model sits on a wooden base and is housed in an acrylic glass cover

The Lighthouse Keepers - Miniature Model Diorama

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