This beautiful cottage is set amidst a utopian scene.
With autumn approaching, the fall colors are starting to show. 

The couple looks over the meandering stream where a duck and a swan is swimming happily.
The stream has two cascades, rapid on the top and calm at the bottom.


Model Dimensions:  15cms X 15 cms
The model sits on a wooden base and is housed in an acrylic glass cover.


PLEASE NOTE: All miniatures I do are made to order meaning I make them fresh every-time an order is placed. So if you buy a miniature that’s listed, it means I have made this for someone else before and there may be slight differences between what you see in the listing and what I make fresh . These miniatures are handmade and not machine made in a factory so it is not possible to make a 100% replica in all aspects with 100% match with the previous model I made.

Utopian Cottage, Miniature Model Diorama

  • Ships within 2 weeks of placing the order.

    It takes 7-14 days for delivery